It took me 7 years to find a fulfilling career

I started my quest to find a career I'd love in 2017. I was a naive teenager and didn't know much about various careers.

Inspired by lifestyle bloggers, I started my blog but soon deleted it. After creating a couple of blogs, I started learning to code. While doing that, I created an Instagram account to post creative short stories my friends loved. I continued to learn programming on and off and soon graduated with a degree in Management Sciences.

Declining a job offer of Project Coordinator, I enrolled in MS Data Engineering. During my studies, I learned Data Science and Machine Learning. Built a few projects and worked for two clients.

Soon realized, I didn't like scrubbing data and finding the best models, so I started learning Web Development. Once again, I built cool projects, joined apprenticeships, and worked for a few clients who loved my work.

People loved my work; they suggested that I record coding clips and trusted my advice on learning how to code. But I wasn't happy.

Scanning through large code bases all day, I compromised my well-being. My back would hurt on most days and my eyes burnt. Even after 10 hours of sticking myself to the code editor, the work was never finished and I was never fulfilled.

In 2023, an unexpected writing opportunity and a long trip abroad made me find the career made for me. And now, everything makes sense.

I created this blog to make your career transition smoother. I share all the things career change I've learned over the years. Just so you don't lose your peace and sanity while you shift careers in pursuit of a contented life.


Tooba Jamal - Dreams in Script
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