103 best LinkedIn post ideas and prompts for 2024

LinkedIn post ideas

I went from 0 to 4000 LinkedIn followers in just 4 months. And it all started happening one day because of just one viral post. But how did I get that one viral post? It was by consistently posting good stuff on LinkedIn that people started believing me. To reach that stage, you don’t need a large following but some knowledge and consistency. Consistency doesn’t mean you need to post daily. It could be thrice, twice or even once a week, but not too long that people forget you exist. But what should I post, exactly? Well, I have compiled a list of 103 LinkedIn post ideas that you can use for personal marketing. 

LinkedIn post ideas and prompts

Following is the list of tried and tested LinkedIn content ideas that will acknowledge your expertise and keep your audience hooked.

1. Tip of the week

Did you learn something new this week or meet someone who shared some foolproof tips and tricks related to your niche? For example, I met Stephane this week and she told me some life-saving tips about Instagram content creation. Stephanie says, that when you put your camera on the tripod, make sure you’re creating content for more than a day. She even told me how …

2. How to do X 

Are you good at something and your friends often ask how you do that? Share that knowledge with the world on LinkedIn. People love interacting with posts that teach them something invaluable. For example,

3. New tool review

Did you start using a new tool or software? Is it better or worse than what you were using before or what everyone else uses? Post about your thoughts on that tool.

4. Behind the scenes

A lot of folks post their workstation, personal computer photos or anything that shows the behind-the-scenes of their work. You too can take a snapshot of your messy desk, incomplete designs or meeting screens and post them with a few lines on your work in progress.

5. Step-by-step guide

As discussed above, people love to interact on posts that deliver value. Create a carousel or a video showcasing how you do amazing stuff and people would love it. It could be creating animations in Canva, developing an HTML email template, drawing a logo etc.

6. Story of someone

All of us have met people who are an inspiration to us. Maybe they are a guru of something or have overcome a plethora of obstacles to reach the heights. When out of ideas, you can share their story and teach others how they did it.

7. Experience in an interview

Did you have an interview recently or have experienced the best or the worst interview of your life? Tell about your experience to others to keep them engaged.

8. What I learned from applying to x jobs

Most of us have been through the frustrating job search process and we’ve all learned a lot of lessons during the job search. From my experience, I learned to spot serious and non-serious employers on LinkedIn. What did you learn? Share your experience with the world.

9. Best advice you’ve received

We all have met someone in life who gives the best advice. Be it life advice, relationship or career, don’t hesitate to share it with the world. Also, remember to ask your LinkedIn friends what they think about the advice you shared to keep them engaged.

10. Workplace comparison

Have you worked at two or more workplaces? Did you notice differences in their work culture or ways of handling the same issues? Share them with your LinkedIn network and what you learned from them. Also, ask others for their opinion.

11. Productivity tips 

Maybe you are the most productive in the mornings or have noticed your brainstorming skills skyrocket after a nap, whatever it is it can make up a good LinkedIn post. For example, earlier in my journey on LinkedIn, I used to talk about imposter syndrome and my posts received a good engagement.

12. Opinion/ question on trending topics

Did you notice a trending topic in your niche? What are your thoughts or opinions about that? Share your opinions with your network or pose a creative question to encourage engagement. The more controversial the question, the more engagement you get.

13. Achievements (with a personalized caption)

Talking about your achievements and telling the world how proud you are of yourself is good sometimes. Do you have a new certificate to add to your portfolio or maybe helped your company grab more clients last quarter? Whatever it is, let them know your competency.

14. Free resources in your niche

I used to do this a lot and would get a good number of followers, connection requests, comments and DMs. Be it blogs, courses or podcasts, share with others, inspire them and build credibility.

15. Best courses in your niche

Spotted some of the best courses in your niche? I loved Scrimba’s JavaScript course and shared that with my network on LinkedIn. People loved my opinion and engaged in my posts and I still get DMs about that course. I even offered Scrimba coupons and that accelerated the growth.

16. A rant about something

A lot of people in my feed are frustrated about the hiring process in the programming and IT industry. There might be something you don’t feel good about, like bad work culture or disturbing industry practices. Make it an opportunity to grow your professional network on LinkedIn. For example,

15. Best courses in your niche

Spotted some of the best courses in your niche? I loved Scrimba’s JavaScript course and shared that with my network on LinkedIn. People loved my opinion and engaged in my posts and I still get DMs about that course. I even offered Scrimba coupons and that accelerated the growth.

16. A rant about something

A lot of people in my feed are frustrated about the hiring process in the programming and IT industry. There might be something you don’t feel good about, like bad work culture or disturbing industry practices. Make it an opportunity to grow your professional network on LinkedIn. For example,

15. Best courses in your niche

Spotted some of the best courses in your niche? I loved Scrimba’s JavaScript course and shared that with my network on LinkedIn. People loved my opinion and engaged in my posts and I still get DMs about that course. I even offered Scrimba coupons and that accelerated the growth.

16. A rant about something

A lot of people in my feed are frustrated about the hiring process in the programming and IT industry. There might be something you don’t feel good about, like bad work culture or disturbing industry practices. Make it an opportunity to grow your professional network on LinkedIn. For example,

17. Tools Comparison

Comparing two or more tools in your LinkedIn post will make a good content piece. Think about the pros and cons of different tools you use at work and raise a discussion about them in your LinkedIn posts. For example, React vs. Angular or Microsoft 365 vs. Gsuite etc.

18. Tool trick you didn’t know

You might be proficient at certain tools, so why not post some uncommon tricks regarding that tool/ software? This will make a great LinkedIn post that receives loads of love and support from a wide range of audience. For example, A lot of people post Canva tips and tricks on social media. You can create similar content on tools you are good at.

19. Testimonials

Received some words of appreciation from a mentor, mentee, client, student etc? Share that on your feed and let the world know about your competencies. For example, I once shared a testimonial I received from a student online and received a whole lot of motivation and love under that post.

20. A shocking fact you recently discovered

Is there something you discovered that amazed you? It could be anything related or unrelated to your niche. Our goal is to keep the audience engaged and a few out-of-topic content pieces don’t hurt anyone. Instead, such posts can showcase other sides of your personality to others and give rise to engagement.

21. Data and insights

Share some uncommon insights with your audience which are your opinion and people would love it if they find it useful. For example, I once shared insights about people’s reading habits online.

22. How do data and insights align with what you do?

Can you relate the data and insights with what you do at work/ study in college? For example, in The reading habits insights I shared, I could relate that to the type of content I write to align with the reading habits of my audience.

23. Things I have achieved by doing X

Have you observed changes in your life by changing certain habits? Habits could be as small as waking up early. Share what you achieved by making those little changes in your routine or way of doing work.

24. The event you participated in

Attended an event recently? Write a LinkedIn post to share your learnings and networking from the event. An event-related photo will make it even better.

25. How did you overcome an obstacle?

Inspiring stories easily go viral on LinkedIn these days. The secret? People love content that resonates with them. Think about the time when you overcame an obstacle in your life be it work-related or anything else. See an example below,

26. Small wins

When you’re out of ideas why not celebrate your small wins with your LinkedIn network? Think about unexpected compliments you received or a huge gain of followers or clients in a short period. For example, I received an email from FreeCodeCamp that I was chosen among the top contributors in just 2 months, I took a moment to share that in a LinkedIn post.

27. AI in your industry

Everyone is talking about AI these days. You could also discuss how it affects your niche and your job role now or in future. If you are a student you can talk about what impact AI has created on your learning journey. Think of both the good and bad and talk about them maybe in more than one post.

28. Offer a freebie 

Offering freebies and vouchers not only helps you generate engagement in your feed but also builds your credibility. But why would I pay to increase engagement? You don’t pay. Just share the extra course vouchers or tool subscriptions you have received. For example, I won a Scrimba scholarship and I didn’t need that. Instead of wasting the scholarship, I contacted the Scrimba team to inquire whether I could share that with others or not. Then I created a post on LinkedIn asking interested people to comment down and announced the winner a day or two later. For transparency, I also recorded the random name-generating process on the day of the announcement. 

29. Recycle an old post

Think about how you can update your old posts. Maybe the things you shared a few years back are no longer relevant today. Take this as an opportunity to reflect and share an updated version with your audience. You can also talk about how fast the trends change in your niche.

30. Answer FAQs

Do you get similar questions in comments or DMs? Answer those questions in a LinkedIn post. For example, A lot of people asked me how I learned all the skills without paying anyone a single penny. This question would make up a great post.

31. Memes

LinkedIn is a professional platform for sure. However, a meme in a while doesn’t hurt anyone. You can even create your own memes to relate them to your industry professionals. But please, refrain from sharing memes that mock somebody else, like we usually see on Facebook.

32. What do you love the most about your job?

Is there something that you love about your work or maybe something that insists you pursue a certain career? Share that with others and ask for their opinion.

33. Myths and facts in your niche

If you have some experience in your niche, you will be able to break the myths easily. Think about the stereotypes people have created or false beliefs they have regarding your niche. For example, I created a video about “Myths and Facts about charity” for a non-profit and broke the most common myths people had regarding charity on Reddit and Quora. You can do the same for your industry. If you’re a student, you can break myths about college/ student life.

34. Before and After

People like witnessing progress. This could be your progress or your project’s progress. Share how things have changed with time and effort. For example, What stage were you in this time last year vs now? Another example could be a website before the application of styling vs after, just change it according to your expertise. 

35. Monthly/ yearly reflection

I remember I shared a monthly reflection post in January last year. I discussed my achievements and obstacles I overcame and compared that with the previous year’s progress. People loved that post and I received huge support.

36. Workplace hacks

As discussed above, people love interacting with posts that deliver value. Share any hacks you’ve invented or discovered that make your work easier with others. People would love it if they found it valuable.

37. College/ final year hacks

Even if you’re not a student anymore, you must have learned from the mistakes you made in college that slowed down your progress. Discuss in a post how you would overcome those mistakes if you were given an extra chance. You could also do it for entry-level professionals in your industry.

38. A roadmap to launch a career in your niche

I see a lot of software engineers sharing a learning roadmap for others like a JavaScript developer roadmap or a Data Science professional roadmap. You can do the same in your niche. Maybe you are a marketing professional, a graphic designer or a finance professional, share a roadmap in your niche with others. The strategy here is to build credibility and let others know your expertise and this post will do its part in achieving your goal.

39. Free/ cheap alternatives of tools 

Do you use a paid tool at work that beginners might find hard to pay for to practice? Share cheaper or even free alternatives of that in a LinkedIn post. For example Free alternatives to Grammarly or Adobe Illustrator.

40. How to do X for free

Do you know the hacks of doing something for free that others might not know? Tell about it to others and gain all the attention! For example, How to get a 3-month DataCamp subscription for free or how to get Canva Pro for free.

41. News and how it affects your niche

Do you like staying updated with the news? Some news might be affecting your niche, don’t keep this to yourself. Not everyone likes news and your post might be an interesting source of awareness for them.

42. Share greetings

Festive greetings with your network when it’s time will spread joy on others’ feeds. This keeps them engaged with you even when they are off work and spreads a little joy among them. You could also share your traditions or holiday hacks/routines for fun.

43. Your inspiration

Who is your inspiration? Who motivated you to pursue your career or hobbies? Share their story and what aspects of their work inspired you. Maybe they told you a story or shared a few lines of motivation, share them with others creatively. You can share their story and inspire others through your story. Appreciating others, tagging them and showing gratitude would also make good LinkedIn content.

44. Your favourite podcasts/ blogs in your niche

Is there a blog or podcast you love or that helped you upskill? Let others know about them and help them upskill too. Mentioning those blogs or podcasts may also help you get credible reposts and increase your reach.

45. Someone else’s post

Out of ideas? You can even share someone else’s posts with your perspective. Use this when you’ve no idea or extra time to craft your post. Make sure the post you share has some valuable content in it.

46. Write a personal experience

Is there a course, event or tool that was worth spending time or money upon or maybe it was worthless? Share your review/ opinion and help others make better decisions.

47. Things you love about your workplace

What are some things you love about your workplace or college? Share them with others, maybe they’d share things about their workplace under the comments of your post or inspire them to join a similar workplace.

48. Things you hate about your career

Are there things you hate about your job? Be it a tough job market, low compensation, or work culture, you can share it in a LinkedIn post and also suggest a way of improving it.

49. Things you love about your career

There must also be things you love about your work like career growth or flexibility. That might also inspire others to break into your niche.

50. How I do X in Y minutes

Is there something you can do quickly? Share the secret tips that help you do the job in a shorter time. For example, “How I create an Instagram reel in 5 minutes”.

51. How do I manage 2 jobs/ a job with a full-time college

Do you have to juggle between two jobs or a full-time job and college/ freelance clients? How do you manage that? Tell your story to inspire others too.

52. Personal posts

You can even share your personal stories (not too personal) like your travel plans. Maybe share photos from your weekend gateway or gym.

53. LinkedIn articles

Can you write a detailed guide on a topic? Consider writing an article on LinkedIn, this can also serve as your portfolio.

54. Case study

Think about a time when you used your expertise to overcome a work-related problem. Share your story, what you did and why.

55. Mistakes newbies in your niche make

Do you often spot newbies making certain mistakes in your niche? For example, A lot of software engineers talk about newbies focusing on collecting certificates and not coding. You can use the same tactic to discuss the mistakes beginners make in your industry.

56. Industry trends 

Talk about changing trends in your industry and how you adjust yourself according to yourself. For example, Marketers discuss a lot about changing algorithms and content practices.

57. A mistake you made at work and how you tackled it

Can you think of a time when you made a mistake at work that had consequences? How did 

you overcome that mistake and save your workplace from a bigger loss? Maybe you can share about timely control or using your mistake as an opportunity. For example, Accidentally sending professional emails without attachments or sending confidential information to the wrong address.

58. Offer some motivational tips

You must have grown a lot over the years. What accelerated your growth? Is there something that helped you stay on track and measure your goals? Share those tips with others to motivate them.

59. Sell your product/ service

Don’t hesitate to sell your product or service through your LinkedIn posts. Maybe you’re a freelancer looking for clients or you’ve got an online store, promoting them subtly is never a bad idea.

60. Talk about impostor syndrome in your niche

Everyone goes through imposter syndrome at some point in their life. How did you clear up your doubts when you were not sure about your abilities? Imposter syndrome is a serious health issue and discussing it can give you an advantage on LinkedIn.

61. Thank your audience for engaging and inspiring you

Take a moment to thank your audience for engaging with you and trusting you. People love when they are valued, you can even tag a few of your LinkedIn inspirations in your post to boost visibility.

62. Appreciate your teammates

Take a moment to appreciate your teammates. Talk about what they are good at and how they help you keep going. Tag them in your post to boost visibility.

63. How’d you start over if you had to

If you are an experienced professional, discuss how you would start over if you had to. For example, If you are taken back to your college days, how would you choose your major differently or if you are a self-taught professional, how would you learn differently if you had to start over to accelerate your growth?

64. Talk about how you handle differences in your team

All of us have different aspirations and ways of doing work. Differences can sometimes give rise to conflicts. Share with others how you handle those differences to avoid conflicts or manage conflicts if they happen.

65. Lifestyle tips in your niche

Do you think certain choices will make things easier for a professional in your niche or boost their productivity? For example, Stephanie Kase talks about how she managed to record 20 reels in just an hour. You can use a similar approach in your LinkedIn posts like suggesting people keep decoding sessions at night or take a nap to manage stress.

66. Reflect on yourself from the beginning of the year to the end

Reflection posts are famous and also receive audience support. You can even post one reflection post at the end of each month reflecting on your growth throughout the month. Also, add tips and tricks in your post if you can so people find some value in it.

67. Bad practices in your niche job market

Can you spot some bad practices in your job market? For example, A huge number of software engineers rant about unrealistic hiring practices in their niche. You can do the same in your niche and ignite the conversation.

68. How to freshen up after a tiring X session 

Is there a certain task in your niche that is known to be tiring/ frustrating? Offer some tips to freshen up and make those sessions joyful to others. For example, Sharing tips to freshen up after a tiring debugging session or tips to boost creativity.

69. List of tools you use for X

Think about a task that requires you to use some tools like video editing, photo editing, scheduling meetings etc. Share the tools you use with others. For example, People used to ask me how I create personalized code snippets.

70. A random experience you had and how it aligns with your work

Did you ever have a random experience that also aligned with your job? For example, Witnessing a unique negotiation technique in a local market that you can also use formally at your work.

71. Create a poll

Like Instagram and YouTube, you can also create polls on LinkedIn. Use this feature to ask others about their opinions. For example, “What is your favourite backend framework?” or “Are you the most productive in the mornings or at night?”

72. A failure story

Everyone has to face failures in life and nothing is embarrassing about that. If you have ever faced a failure that helped you rise even stronger, that’d make a great story to share on LinkedIn.

73. How to gain experience in your niche as a beginner

Beginners not landing a job because they lack experience is a hot topic these days. If you know beginner-friendly apprenticeships, fellowships, internships etc. you can be a hero to a lot of people out there. Share your knowledge and encourage them to join those programs. You can even write a LinkedIn article titled something like “How to gain experience as an entry-level designer/ engineer etc”.

74. Dos and don’ts of X

Do you know the best practices for doing something? Create a dos and don’ts post on LinkedIn. For example, in front-end development, global state management is an important topic and a lot of front-end engineers take it as an opportunity to discuss state management best practices on LinkedIn.

75. Interview an experienced person in your industry

Maybe a friend or a colleague is an experienced professional and you can leverage them to create a famous LinkedIn post. You can start with “I interviewed Bob who is a DevRel expert at Microsoft” and continue to share the important points they shared with you. You could even record an interview or write an article based on your conversation with the expert.

76. Showcase your hobbies

Showcasing hobbies and passions outside work makes interesting content. This would show your hidden side and raise conversation in the comments. For example, I love collecting fountain pens and using my favourite ones for journaling. My current favourite is anonymous FP 123. What’s your hobby or current favourite pen?

77. Your first X 

Sharing your first piece of work will be a source of motivation for a lot of people out there. Showcasing your past will also prove the efforts you put in your work over the years. For example, This was the first website I developed 2 years ago. I didn’t know how to conditionally render different components based on user choice but if I didn’t make an imperfect one how would I reach where I am today?

78. Most common interview questions in your niche

Make a list of the most common questions you’ve been asked in all the interviews you’ve given and help others crack their interviews. Adding sample answers along with the question will make it even better.

79. Upcoming events in your area/ online

Share details of any upcoming events to keep your audience interested. You don’t need to be earning commissions from new participant registration, just do it to grow your network and build credibility.

80. Your progress in a project

Are you working on a project and are happy with your progress? Share your progress with photos (if feasible) and also discuss what steps you took to reach this far.

81. Travel reflection/ learning

Travelling to different cities and countries is always a learning experience. Share cool things you discovered while travelling and what do you think about them.

82. Exciting news

Whenever you come across a piece of exciting news in your niche, share that on LinkedIn and keep your scheduled post for another day. For example, I discovered SheCodes is offering free coding classes to Pakistani women and I took it as an opportunity to get my audience interested. A lot of Pakistani people asked questions in the comments regarding the classes and that increased my reach.

83. Ask for recommendations

Our self-esteem increases when we think we are being useful to someone. Ask for recommendations in a LinkedIn post and reply to every recommendation you receive in the comments. For example, Suggest to me the best branding course or suggest to me the easiest interview prep course.

84. Party moments

Have you been to a party recently? You can share your happy moments from there and inspire others to take a break from their hectic routines.

85. Best decision of your life (work-related)

Share the decision you took that changed your professional life. Be it deciding to learn coding or starting a posting journey on LinkedIn, share it on LinkedIn and be a source of inspiration for others. Also, add why it was the best decision.

86. Your opinion on an industry trend

What’s your opinion on an industry trend? What do you think about the trend regardless of how useful it is these days?

87. Did you know?

Share an unusual tip or knowledge with others and amaze them. For example, I once shared that Git was developed for the Linux team but it was used by everyone now. I received a lot of reactions and comments on that post.

88. Why did you leave your previous job?

Did you leave your previous job for a good reason or changed careers because felt the need? Share why you took that step and things you learned during the journey. This post is a great way to initiate discussion and arouse curiosity.

89. Your favourite quote

Post a quote that inspired you at every step in your career. Maybe a quote that was your source of motivation throughout the journey. Tell others how that one quote saved you.

90. Your favourite book and why is it your favourite

If you are into reading books, share your current favourite and the things you learned from it. For example, My current favourite is Influence by Robert B. Cialdini because I like reading psychology books. However, I can write a more detailed explanation of why I love this book. You can do the same in a LinkedIn post. 

91. Different roles/ careers in your niche and their requirements

I took a DevRel course where professionals with 5+ years of experience discussed the different DevRel roles and their requirements. This would also make great LinkedIn content because there are always people who don’t have enough knowledge and are looking for details explained in a conversational tone. You can take this as an advantage to discuss different roles in your industry.

92. The secret sauce of doing X

I see a lot of photographers sharing their secret photo editing settings and people love them because they think those details are valuable. You can take a similar approach to share the secret sauce of anything you’re good at. For example, The secret sauce of a successful debugging session, the secret sauce of killer content, the secret sauce of a persuasive talk etc.

93. A Day in the Life

How do you start your day and manage your work-life balance? Think about the interesting part of your work like hanging out with office friends during the tea break and share those details briefly. You can even add a few photos to your post to make it even more interesting.

94. Desk must-haves in your niche

Share the items that you think are a must for anyone working in your niche. For example, if you’re a graphic designer, you could suggest important items like a certain tablet or a mic if your job includes speaking.

95. What does 30-60-90 day plan look like in your niche? 

When a person starts a new job in your niche what could their 30-60-90 days plan look like? What are the challenges they have to overcome and the steps they need to take to achieve a successful new career? Students can share a new semester plan for successful results (college or personal).

96. This Vs. that

Compare two broad terms in your niche and break down the complex concepts for your audience. For example, content marketing Vs email marketing,  mobile development Vs application development, push notifications Vs in-app notifications etc.

97. Free courses/ discounts in your niche

Create a list of free or discounted courses in your niche that are also informative. Don’t forget to add what makes those courses unique.

98. Teach your network something

Teaching is always a win-win technique. You teach others while building your own muscle memory. Be it the art of crafting a captivating hook or the science behind quantum computing, teach others to gather their attention. Teaching others on LinkedIn helped me land a few interviews.

99. Decode jargon in your industry

Beginners (and even professionals) are always looking for simple explanations of industry jargon. Be the source of information to them and create a lasting impact.

100. Expose a scam

I recently came across a fake hiring company that is collecting emails through fake job offers on LinkedIn. If you spot something similar, expose the scam and grab all the attention.

101. Compare studies vs real-world work

There is always a difference in what you learn at school vs the real work. What does it look like in your niche? Raise a discussion around this topic and ask for others’ opinions as well.

102.Escaping a block

How to take yourself out of a creative or professional hurdle? Think about a time when you were having a hard time brainstorming ideas or proposing a solution to a problem. Discuss steps that helped you escape the block and encourage others for the tips that work for them. For example, “How I come up with 5 unique writing prompts daily”.

103. Share blog posts

Sharing blog posts can lower your post reach because LinkedIn prioritises its own content, but you can use this trick to keep your feed active. To avoid lowering reach, you can write why you like a particular blog post and add the link in the comments. However, my first viral post on LinkedIn was also an external link. Therefore, the key is to be consistent and informative.

Final thoughts

When you’re new to any social media platform, the idea of posting content regularly might feel overwhelming. However, the key to success on LinkedIn is consistency. The best advice I can give you at this point is to simply take the first step. The LinkedIn post ideas discussed above will help you throughout your journey.

Don’t forget to add a few hashtags to each post, especially when you’re starting out. If you’re still unsure, share your LinkedIn posts with me, and I’ll engage with them.

If you have cool LinkedIn post ideas and prompts, feel free to share them in the comments below. Your ideas will help not only me but also others.

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